Imaging Location:
Dental Scan Ltd 
Suite 1, Trafalgar House
110 Manchester Rd, Altrincham, WA14 1NU

Scanner Used:
Dexis OP 3D LX (2023 MODEL)

Region Imaged:  
UR1-UR7 (sectional scan)

Clinical Information:
History of endodontic treatment. Assessment of size and position of suspected external cervical resorption on UR4.

Scanning Protocol:
5 x 5cm FOV, 0.12mm voxel size, 95 kVp, 8 mA, 11.5 seconds

Radiation Dose: 
Approximately 0.11 mSv

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Reconstructed Panoramic View

Image 1.
Total opacity is recorded within the sinus, possibly of odontogenic origin. The UR6 is endodontically treated. The three roots show relatively small periapical radiolucent lesions. Extrusion of the endodontic material beyond the buccal apices is noted. The antral floor is disrupted at the level of the buccal apices. The prognosis of this tooth is unfavourable.

Image 2.
The UR5 shows the buccal and palatal roots to be fused. Two canals run separately. The buccal canal is filled to the apex. The obturation in the palatal canal ends about 4.5mm from the apex. A small periapical radiolucency of about 2.5mm is noted.

Image 3.
The buccal and palatal roots of the UR4 are fused. Two canals run separately. Internal root resorption is recorded in the cervical half of the buccal canal. There is a periapical radiolucency of approximately 4mm diameter. The buccal plate is discontinuous at the site of the apex.

Image 4.
The UR4 also shows a lateral radiolucency in the distal aspect of the root. A vertical root fracture is suspected. The prognosis of this tooth is unfavourable.

3D Reconstruction

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