Scanner Used and Location:
Dental Scan Ltd
London Branch

DEXIS OP 3D Vision V17

Region Imaged:
Both Jaws

Clinical Information:
Implants to be placed in UL5 and LR6 sites

Scanning Protocol:
16 x 10cm FOV, 0.25mm voxel size, 120 kVp, 5 mA, 7.4 seconds

Radiation Dose:
Approximately 0.15 mSv

Xelis Dental Viewer (same price as i-CAT Vision Includes RAW DICOM files)
Allows you to plan your patient’s treatment easily, with a full implant library and free virtual implant placement capabilities. Our clinical team will prepare a study for you that includes: panoramic curve, custom reconstructed 3D, highlighting the inferior dental canal and image rotation according to the area of interest.


There is evidence of periapical pathology on teeth UR6 and UL5. These are probably apical granulomas or radicular cysts secondary to chronic apical periodontitis.

The remaining teeth have mild to moderate localized alveolar bone loss due to periodontal disease.

The UR6 is root filled, except the MB2 canal which is empty. The MB root has a large apical radiolucency present (Image 2).

The LR6 region has moderate loss in vertical alveolar ridge height (Image 3).

The UL5 region has mild loss in vertical alveolar ridge height, is root treated with a small apical radiolucency (Image 4).

The LR8 and LL8 are unerupted and deeply impacted with normal follicle size. Both teeth are touching the IANCs (Images 5 and 6).

There is evidence of coalescing dystrophic soft tissue calcifications in the lateral superficial pharyngeal wall bilaterally consistent with palatine tonsilloliths.

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