Imaging Location:
Dental Scan Ltd 
Suite 1, Trafalgar House
110 Manchester Rd, Altrincham, WA14 1NU

Scanner Used:
Dexis OP 3D

Clinical Information:
Assessment for oral pathology

Scanning Protocol:
Standard Panoramic (OPG)

Radiation Dose: 
Approximately 0.007 mSv


  • There are 31 teeth present.
  • The LR8 is absent.
  • The UL8 is vertically, fully bony impacted.
  • The LL8 is horizontally, fully bony impacted against the distal root of the LL7. The LL8 apex possibly contacts the superior border of the ID canal.
  • The UR6 is endodontically treated. Periapical pathology is suspected. Remodelling of the antral floor, known as an antrum halo, is present at the level of the UR6. Localized mild angular bone loss is present at the distal crestal margin. A root fracture is suspected.
  • The UR7 has a possible carious lesion. A periapical or bitewing radiograph would provide more information.
  • The maxillary sinuses show a normal size. The cortical border of the maxillary sinuses is well-defined and intact.
  • The osseous components of the TMJs demonstrate normal radiographic appearance.
  • The periodontal bone level is normal.
  • There are normal periodontal ligament spaces.
  • The generalized bone pattern and jaw morphology are within the range of normal.

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