• iTero Element 2


Here at Dental Scan we are continuously evolving and expanding in order to provide your patients all their scanning needs at the highest possible quality. We are happy to announce that we have acquired an iTero unit and are now offering Intra-Oral Scanning Services.

  • Next Generation Processor

Reduced scan processing and faster start-up time – perform a full arch scan in as little as 60 seconds (depends on the user’s experience)

  • High-Definition Visuals

Sleek and slim 21.5″ monitor, 16:9 widescreen viewing format, and improved resolution for highly detailed images

  • Uninterrupted Scanning

Long-lasting, rechargeable battery for easy mobility from operatory to operatory without plugging in or rebooting**

  • Ergonomic Wand Placement

Designed with a centre- mounted wand cradle for easy ergonomics during scanning

  • Stunning Colour Imaging

Enhanced colour offers a more thorough look at your patients’ oral health

  • Smarter Scanning

Improved wand touchpad is as intuitive as gesturing on your smartphone; use the touchpad to switch between scanning segments or rotate the model on screen